Unidentified people hacked the International Monetary Fund's email account

Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported a cyber incident: in early this year, unknown attackers hacked 11 IMF email accounts.

According to the press release, the IMF discovered the incident in February and is currently conducting an investigation to assess the consequences of this attack. So far, there is no evidence that the attackers have gained access to any other systems or resources other than the compromised email accounts.

“The International Monetary Fund recently experienced a cyber incident, which was discovered on February 16, 2024. Subsequent investigation, conducted with the help of independent cybersecurity experts, identified the nature of the breach, and measures were taken to mitigate the consequences,” the IMF statement said. “During the investigation, it was determined that eleven IMF email accounts were compromised. The affected accounts have been re-secured. There are currently no signs of further compromise of these accounts. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.”

While the IMF did not provide any further details about this attack “for security reasons,” in a conversation with Bleeping Computer journalists, IMF representatives confirmed that the IMF uses the Microsoft 365 cloud email platform.

Recall that in January 2024, it became known that the hack group Midnight Blizzard compromised a number of corporate email accounts at Microsoft. At that time, hackers spent more than a month in the system and hacked the email of Microsoft executives, legal department employees, and cybersecurity specialists.

It soon became known that Hewlett Packard Enterprise was also affected by a similar attack. In this case, hackers also gained unauthorized access to some Microsoft Office 365 email accounts and stole data from May 2023.

Now journalists speculate that the attack on the IMF may also be related to Midnight Blizzard.

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