Mozilla Firefox 124 is available for public beta testing

The upcoming Mozilla Firefox 124 web browser is scheduled for release on March 19th, 2024. With Firefox 123 now officially launched on the stable channel, Mozilla has shifted its focus to Firefox 124, which has been promoted to the beta channel for public testing. Here’s an early look at what’s in store for this release.

Mozilla Firefox 124 seems to be a relatively minor update, possibly the smallest yet. One of the key changes is the expansion of the Caret Browsing mode to include functionality within the PDF viewer. Caret browsing allows users to navigate and select text or elements on a webpage using only the keyboard.

For web developers, Firefox 124 beta introduces support for the Screen Wake Lock API. This API prevents devices from dimming or locking the screen when an application requires uninterrupted operation. Additionally, the beta version includes support for the AbortSignal.any static method and enables the use of HTTP(S) and relative URLs when creating WebSockets.

Overall, while Firefox 124 may not bring significant changes, it continues Mozilla’s commitment to improving user experience and developer capabilities in its web browser. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements as the release date approaches.

For Android users, the latest update to Firefox for Android introduces support for the HTML drag and drop API when using a mouse. This enhancement allows users to easily drag and drop plain text or HTML text from external apps, enhancing the overall usability of the browser.

In addition, the beta version of Firefox includes the highly anticipated “Quick actions” option in the Address Bar settings. This feature enables users to quickly perform various actions directly from the URL bar, streamlining the browsing experience. Additionally, the Cookie Banner Blocker in the Privacy & Security settings automatically blocks cookie banners, further enhancing user privacy and convenience.

The nightly build of Firefox 124 initially promised a streamlined and unified dialog for clearing user data, simplifying data categories and offering insights into site data size based on the selected time range. However, this feature seems to be absent in the current beta version.

Mozilla has scheduled the release of Firefox 124 for March 19th, 2024. In the meantime, you can test the latest beta release by downloading either the tarball binary or the DEB package for Ubuntu/Debian distros from It’s important to note that these are pre-release versions and may not be suitable for production use.

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