Mozilla Firefox 109

The latest update, Firefox 109, introduces a Unified Extensions button in the toolbar, streamlining the management of installed add-ons.

All listed extensions feature a settings icon for easy access, enabling users to adjust settings, pin to the toolbar, delete, or report them.
Behind the scenes, the implementation leverages Manifest Version 3 (MV3) by default, granting users precise control over add-ons’ access to web pages. Notably, MV3 treats host permissions as voluntary, allowing users to manage ongoing access.

The update also includes a built-in dictionary for Spanish (es-ES and es-AR build), enhancing Firefox’s spell-check feature. Additional details will be unveiled on January 17 with Mozilla’s official announcement of Firefox 109.
Download the binaries for 64-bit or 32-bit GNU/Linux distributions from the official server now.

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