Impostors Posing as Telegram Customer Support

Experts from the company FACCT (formerly Group-IB in Russia) warned that users of Telegram have started receiving messages from a fake Telegram support service. Scammers are frightening victims by claiming that a deletion request has been submitted for their account.

When the user protests that they did not intend to delete their account, they are asked to follow a link to cancel the procedure.

As a result, the actual account owner falls for a phishing site where to cancel the account deletion, they are asked to enter the phone number linked to the account and the security code received from Telegram. The fake page mimics the messenger’s design style.

After receiving the linked phone and code, the scammers take control of the account, gaining access to archives, conversations, channel management, if the victim was an admin or owner of one.

Researchers note that the phishing site immediately verifies the entered data: if incorrect information is provided, the page will indicate an error.

Links to resources for hijacking Telegram accounts are distributed through private messages, so experts write that hackers do not need a large number of phishing pages. One active resource and a backup domain are sufficient in case the previous one is blocked.

At FACCT, it is reminded that third parties cannot request the deletion of someone else’s Telegram account. Only the account owner themselves can do this in the messenger settings. One can delete their own account immediately or activate automatic deletion after a specified period of inactivity.

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