Help Shape the Future of Kubuntu and Win Awesome Prizes

Seize the opportunity to be the architect of Kubuntu’s visual journey and be rewarded grandly. The champion will be honored with a choice of cutting-edge Kubuntu machinery: the sleek Kubuntu Focus Ir14 laptop or the robust Kubuntu Focus NX MiniPC, each boasting a formidable 32 GB of RAM.

The Kubuntu Collective, in collaboration with the Kubuntu Focus team, is thrilled to unveil the Kubuntu Graphic Design Challenge. This initiative seeks out visionary graphic artists to infuse fresh energy into the aesthetic identity of this KDE-centric distribution and vie for some truly enticing rewards.

This creative quest is born from a partnership between Kubuntu Focus, purveyors of fine Linux hardware, and the Kubuntu development ensemble, with an eye towards a reinvigorated Kubuntu brand. Participants are encouraged to reimagine visual elements such as the logo, typography, and color schemes, all culminating in a revamped default desktop environment, ready for the much-anticipated launch of Kubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Rick Timmis, a prominent voice of the Kubuntu community, expressed, “We’re on the lookout for groundbreaking designs that capture Kubuntu’s spirit and appeal to our diverse audience. This contest is a clarion call to artistic maestros eager to make an indelible impact on the Kubuntu lineage. Seize this chance to etch your creativity into the fabric of one of the community’s most cherished Linux flavors.”

The quest for creative excellence begins with the Kubuntu Graphic Design Contest, now welcoming submissions until March 31st, 2024. We’re calling on graphic designers of every stripe to cast their creative spells and envision the future of Kubuntu. The grand prize? A high-performance Kubuntu Focus computer, choose between the sleek Ir14 laptop or the powerhouse NX MiniPC, each equipped with 32 GB of RAM.

The celebration of talent doesn’t end with the top contender. Second and third-place visionaries will receive an array of exclusive Kubuntu Focus gear, a trophy, and a certificate to commemorate their achievements. The runner-up will also enjoy the prestige of having their design featured on the official Kubuntu website.

Victors will bask in the glory of their work adorning the desktops of millions within the Kubuntu and broader KDE Plasma user community. With the allowance for multiple entries, designers have the opportunity to unleash a full spectrum of their artistic prowess.

Mark your calendars for April 25th, 2024, when Kubuntu 24.04 LTS, part of the Noble Numbat (Ubuntu 24.04 LTS) series, makes its grand debut, showcasing KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS and the new Calamares installer.

Dive into the complete details of the Kubuntu Graphic Design Contest within the official announcement!

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