Discover the GNU Linux-Libre 6.8 kernel release, offering unparalleled software freedom for Linux enthusiasts.

The GNU Linux-libre 6.8 kernel, announced today by the GNU Linux-libre project, caters to those who prioritize software freedom by offering a 100% free GNU/Linux computer without any proprietary code. Derived from the Linux 6.8 kernel series, this release focuses on cleaning up new drivers for various hardware, including Intel qat_420xx, Imagination PowerVR, Intel Xe, Chips and Media Wave5, Intel VSC, Aquantia PHY, and Realtek rtw8922a.

Last year, we discovered a problem with certain i915 hardware variants experiencing infinite loops when attempting to revert to earlier blob variants. Although we addressed this issue and submitted the patch upstream, it wasn’t accepted. However, subsequent changes made in response to our patch resulted in increased noise from the driver in our case. To avoid the apparent freeze on affected systems, you can boot with i915.enable_guc=0.

This kernel release also includes adjustments to the cleaning process for the coda driver, updates to remove blob names in ARM and AArch64 devicetree files, and adjustments to .deb packaging wording. Additionally, efforts have been made to fix issues with the Intel i915 driver, including addressing infinite loops on certain i915 hardware variants.

The GNU Linux-libre kernel is designed for software freedom enthusiasts and Linux purists who want to create a 100% free GNU/Linux computer without any proprietary drivers or code. Compressed tarballs of the latest release are available for download on the official website. For those using Debian-based or Red Hat-based distributions, ready-to-use binary packages can be found on the Freesh project and RPM Freedom websites. The GNU Linux-libre kernel is compatible with virtually any GNU/Linux distribution and can be installed alongside or as a replacement for the standard kernel.

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