Fujitsu Discovers System Breach and Data Leak

The Japanese company Fujitsu has discovered that several of its systems were infected with malware, and unknown hackers have stolen customer data.

At the end of last week, a message appeared on the company’s website about a cyber incident that compromised Fujitsu’s systems and stole data, including confidential customer information.

“We have detected the presence of malware on several of our work computers, and as a result of internal investigation, it was found that files containing personal data and information related to our customers may have been unlawfully exfiltrated,” the company said. “After confirming the presence of malware, we promptly isolated the affected workstations and took measures, including enhancing the monitoring of other workstations.”

Fujitsu states that it will continue the investigation to determine how the malware penetrated its business systems and what data its operators managed to steal.

While the company claims it has not received reports of unauthorized use of customer data, it has informed the Personal Data Protection Commission about the incident and intends to send individual notifications to all affected individuals.

The company has not yet disclosed details of the incident, but it can be assumed that it was a ransomware attack. Thus, a typical response to such an attack is to disconnect part of the systems to contain the incident, and most ransomware operators today exfiltrate data from their victims.

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