Fraudsters Counterfeit Websites of Nearly 90% of Major Russian Companies

Experts from BI.ZONE have estimated that between 70% to 90% of large Russian companies have fallen victim to cybercriminals who create phishing resources using well-known names. The most popular cover for phishers has become the brands of major financial organizations.

According to experts, 70% of Russia’s top Forbes-listed companies by net profit have been targeted by such fraudsters. Even more frequently, criminals mimic websites of organizations that are among the top employers in Russia, with over 73% falling victim. Websites of employers most popular among job seekers were forged in almost 87% of cases.

As mentioned earlier, phishers most often use the brands of major financial organizations. For example, malicious “clones” exist for the resources of 90% of banks leading in customer ratings, which are calculated based on user reviews. The number of phishing sites depends on the popularity of each bank, as well as several other factors. According to experts, criminals can create several hundred fake resources for one company in a month.

The majority of phishing sites disguised as company pages are aimed at collecting users’ personal data: full names, phone numbers, email addresses, and so on. Often, these resources offer to complete a survey supposedly to improve service quality, gain access to a service, or participate in a promotion. There are also cases where criminals copy the login page. This method is used less frequently and is mainly aimed at stealing banking credentials, and therefore gaining access to the victim’s payment information.

In addition to various company websites, cybercriminals often forge entertainment resources. To make phishing more convincing, criminals use current events. For example, at the peak of the popularity of the TV series “Slovo pacana” in November – December 2023, scammers created almost 400 thematic sites.

“In 2023, we identified almost 212,000 phishing sites aimed at stealing sensitive data, and in January and February 2024, almost 41,000. All this indicates that phishing will remain a serious threat. Criminals often try to forge bank resources, as stealing funds from users is the most obvious way for fraudsters to make money,” commented Dmitry Kiryushkin, head of BI.ZONE Brand Protection.

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