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Ensure the smooth operation of your web project! Avoiding failures, hacks, and losses is the key to a successful business.
Professional optimization and server security strengthening will ensure your Internet project’s stability, preventing financial losses and maintaining your reputation.
Ready to provide expert support on setting up Linux servers and maintaining websites.
Provide your business with reliable protection – contact me to discuss your technical needs!


My experience in Linux

Hello, my friends!
In the world of Linux systems, I prefer to interact with RedHat products and RPM distributions. This is due to their excellent implementation of SELinux, which is extremely important for security.

My projects for clients are implemented on the RedHat, Oracle, Alma Linux, and Rocky Linux platforms. Despite the stability of Debian, I am also ready to work quickly and efficiently with this distribution.

In the world of technology, as they say, “there is no dispute about taste.” But quality and professionalism are always a priority! Entrust your projects to me, and together we will achieve outstanding results.

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I work with these distributions

I work not only with well-known Linux distributions such as RedHat, Oracle, Alma Linux, and Rocky Linux, but also FreeBSD gives me unique flexibility. I am ready to support your projects with high professionalism and attention to detail, always aimed at achieving optimal results. Trust your infrastructure to my experience, and together we will create a reliable and highly efficient IT environment. I invite you to a successful cooperation!

AlmaLinux distribution
Rocky Linux

IT News

In fake job interviews, developers are coerced into installing Python backdoors

Securonix analysts have discovered a new campaign called Dev Popper targeting software developers. Hackers conduct ...

Discord Bans Spy Pet Service Bots

Developers at Discord have blocked numerous accounts associated with the Spy Pet service, which caught the attentio...

Experts Neutralize PlugX Malware Server Linked to 25 Million IP Addresses

An abandoned USB worm PlugX, which backdoored connected devices, continued to self-propagate for many years, even t...

Hackers Exploit New Vulnerability in WP Automatic Plugin

Hackers have started to exploit a critical vulnerability in the WP Automatic plugin for WordPress. The bug is being...

The Latest Malware Brokewell Hacks Android Devices and Steals Data

Researchers have discovered a new banking trojan named Brokewell. The malware disguises itself as fake Chrome updat...

Microsoft Releases MS-DOS 400 Source Code on GitHub

Microsoft has released the source code for MS-DOS 4.00, binaries, disk images, and documentation. Now the source co...

In 2023, Extortionists Raked in Over $1 Billion in Ransom Payments

Analysts from Positive Technologies have reported that 2023 was marked by record ransom payments to operators of ra...

Cloud Keyboards Vulnerable to Keystroke Interception, Used by Billions of Users

Experts at Citizen Lab have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in cloud applications for Pinyin-keyboards. The com...

Chrome Critical Vulnerability Resolved: Experts Rewarded $16,000 for Finding the Fix

This week, Google released an update for Chrome 124 that fixes four vulnerabilities, including a critical issue CVE...

US Authorities Arrest and Charge Samourai Mixer Operators for Laundering $100 Million

The US Department of Justice has accused Keonne Rodriguez and William Lonergan Hill of laundering over $100 million...

Kaspersky Lab uncovers cryptocurrency pyramid scheme on Telegram

Researchers report an ongoing fraudulent scheme involving the cryptocurrency Toncoin (TON) being offered to people ...

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Shutdown Once Again

Developers at Google have announced that due to testing being conducted by UK regulators, the phase-out of third-pa...

Exploiting Cisco Products’ 0-Day Vulnerabilities for Infiltrating Government Networks

Cisco has warned that since November 2023, a group of "government hackers" has been exploiting two zero-day vulnera...

Microsoft Removes WizardLM 2 LLM for Toxicity, But Users Rally to Preserve It

Last week, Microsoft specialists released LLM WizardLM 2, which they claim is one of the most powerful large langua...

Researcher Claims Microsoft’s DRM Technology Has Been Hacked

Founder and head of the Polish research company AG Security Research (formerly Security Explorations) Adam Gowdiak ...

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