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Ensure the smooth operation of your web project! Avoiding failures, hacks, and losses is the key to a successful business.
Professional optimization and server security strengthening will ensure your Internet project’s stability, preventing financial losses and maintaining your reputation.
Ready to provide expert support on setting up Linux servers and maintaining websites.
Provide your business with reliable protection – contact me to discuss your technical needs!


My experience in Linux

Hello, my friends!
In the world of Linux systems, I prefer to interact with RedHat products and RPM distributions. This is due to their excellent implementation of SELinux, which is extremely important for security.

My projects for clients are implemented on the RedHat, Oracle, Alma Linux, and Rocky Linux platforms. Despite the stability of Debian, I am also ready to work quickly and efficiently with this distribution.

In the world of technology, as they say, “there is no dispute about taste.” But quality and professionalism are always a priority! Entrust your projects to me, and together we will achieve outstanding results.

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I work with these distributions

I work not only with well-known Linux distributions such as RedHat, Oracle, Alma Linux, and Rocky Linux, but also FreeBSD gives me unique flexibility. I am ready to support your projects with high professionalism and attention to detail, always aimed at achieving optimal results. Trust your infrastructure to my experience, and together we will create a reliable and highly efficient IT environment. I invite you to a successful cooperation!

AlmaLinux distribution
Rocky Linux

IT News

Fujitsu Discovers System Breach and Data Leak

The Japanese company Fujitsu has discovered that several of its systems were infected with malware, and unknown hackers have stolen...

4MLinux 45.0 Update Includes Linux Kernel 6.6 LTS and Enhanced Printing Support

Zbigniew Konojacki has announced the release and general availability of 4MLinux 45.0, a new stable and major release of his...

Mozilla Firefox 124 Release: What’s New and How to Download

The Mozilla Firefox 124 open-source and cross-platform web browser is now available for download ahead...

Unidentified people hacked the International Monetary Fund’s email account

Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported a cyber incident: in early this year, unknown attackers hacked 11 IMF...

Data from 70 million AT&T users published on hack forum

An individual using the nickname MajorNelson has posted data from AT&T on a hacking forum, including information about 70 million...

Fraudsters Counterfeit Websites of Nearly 90% of Major Russian Companies

Experts from BI.ZONE have estimated that between 70% to 90% of large Russian companies have fallen victim...

Former operator of darknet marketplace E-Root sentenced to 3.5 years in prison

American authorities have sentenced Moldovan citizen Sandu Dyakon (also known by the nicknames utmsandu, sandushell, rootarhive...

Real-time phishing protection coming to Chrome

Developers have announced that Google will roll out an update to Safe Browsing at the end of March...

digiKam 8.3 Introduces Automatic Image Tagging with Deep Learning Neural Networks

The most relevant news about Linux and information technologies of the world: latest updates, events and trends in Open Source.digiKam...

Nissan leaked data of 100,000 people

Towards the end of last year, the Akira ransomware group claimed responsibility for hacking Nissan's systems in Australia and New...

Incognito darknet marketplace blackmails its own users

Renowned cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs noticed that the administration of the darknet marketplace Incognito...

System76 Upgrades Adder WS Linux Laptop with 14th Gen Intel HX-Class CPU, Boosting Performance

System76 has announced the latest iteration of their Adder WS Linux-powered notebook, featuring an upgraded HX-Class 14th...

Hackers hijack eSim to gain access to online banking

Specialists from FACCT have discovered attempts to steal mobile numbers from Russian users to gain access to their online banking...

Bitcoin Fog cryptomixer operator found guilty of laundering $400 million dollars

A US federal court has found Roman Sterling, a citizen of Russia and Sweden, guilty of operating the Bitcoin Fog...

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